Sunday, December 29, 2013


GENOCIDE ORGAN 'Leichenlinie'

So...I have been tasked (given the privilege of?)  being "Guest Blogger" on this post.  The album under review is the first full-length cut by mysterious German industrial outfit Genocide Organ.  This anonymous collective of heathen Hessians released this album in 1989 and nothing has been the same since. This is what I would consider to be thee definitive "Power Electronics" album - one that defined a genre and set a standard attained by few since. It's the total package - from artwork, to thematic content, to - duh, the sound - this platter is the real deal. The cover art of bodies in the snow sets a pretty grim scene and pretty well lays out what you're gonna hear. "Cold" is a good descriptor of what's in store... Heavy, primitive, distorted MS20 rhythms accompanied by shouted/barked vocals (not your high-pitched Whitehouse screams here). Industrial murder vibes. These guys have released a lot of great material since and remain active in some capacity to this day, but this album remains untouchable. A true classic. If you haven't heard it before now, well, ya gotta.

My pal & guest blogger Brent Dearing will hopefully have a blog up soon, and that blog, will hopefully be entitled 'The Manifesto Waltz', featuring more stuff like this.


  1. noise/power electronics is bullshit

  2. Sorry to be a smartass but they're neither Hessian nor anonymous. They're not from Hesse but from Electoral Palatinate. And their identities are well known.

  3. yep, you are a smart ass, and Hessian is a term implying the same as heathen, more or less, we werent talking geography, genius.