Tuesday, December 31, 2013


MORPHEME 'Noiseraid Hardcore' Cassette

Bay Area's MORPHEME and their 2009 cassette entitled, obviously, Noiseraid Hardcore. Six cover songs here all done in the MORPHEME fashion, aka a screaming tornado similar to bands that are playing in Japan these days, the singer is Japanese btw. They do Anti-Cimex, The Skitslickers. EU's Arse, Riistetyt, (ex-Yugoslavian band) Odpadki Civilzacij, and The Iconoclast (No Discharge!). All are good. All aren't mirror images either, they put their own MORPHEME stamp on to it, which I love, I mean why do a cover if you are just going to ape it, do it your way, now what Im saying? Anyway, the standouts for me are the Odpadki Civilzacji & the Riistetyt songs. the Iconoclast song also kills, but I'm very partial to that band as they are one of my faves for the past 25 years, but then again, I could sy that about all the bands on here. Anyway, if you dont know Morpheme, this isn't really the best way to get to know them. They have a killer 7" that you can still get here, but it's a great document of the band and a fantastic little cassette in its own right.

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