Friday, January 10, 2014


SIEKIERA 'Demo '84'

Though Poland's SIEKIERA recorded and put out more than this demo and their 1986 LP 'Nowa Aleksandria', one could say that was enough, because this 84 demo is one of the BEST demos in Hardcore Punk, Poland or anywhere else, and their LP two years later is one of the BEST LP's in Post-Punk, Poland or anywhere else!!
But back to the demo. This is Eastern Bloc frustrastion and cold war angst put into a 16 song tape  of bare boned Raw Punk aggression!! Seriously, this stands up with all the greats from 1984. You can hear the grinding of the axes in each one of these ragers! (Siekiera is Pole for AXE, as someone had said to them their music was comparable to an axe). I dunno, nothing much more can be said here, the music needs to say it to you. Fuckin' 10 out of 10! This belongs in the pantheon of all the 1980 European greats ala Wretched, Mob 47, Kaaos, Rapt, Vorkriegsphase, and the like.


  1. fucking great band. the singer late moved to form Armia,but back to "Axe" if you menage to find out the record "Na Wszystkich Frontach Świata" you'll get alot of rare recordings as well as live performancesthat they did in the same year when the demo was done. Crazy shit

  2. I dig the full length. Need to check this out, thanks.