Thursday, January 9, 2014



There have been many DECONTROL's through the years, at least 4 on my count and not to mention a DisControl from the UK, SSD from Boston and a Descontrol from Peru (am I missing any?). There was a Decontrol from Canada, an Oi band from France, a Punk Rock n Roll band from Philly, an 80's obscure band from Oz, and there is DECONTROL from Finland. This Mikkeli, Finland Decontrol put out this obscure demo in 1992 and called it a day as far as I know, I have never seen anything else by them.

You get four songs here which are a bit difficult to describe. The picture of them looks like they are all young, I'd say 17-21, all with long hair & one has a Godflesh tshirt, but that still helps little. I suppose the year, 1992, is the best place to start as you can hear 1992 through and through. The bulk of it, I suppose is Death Metal, but not the 99% of Death Metal out there that is crap, but the Death Metal thats good like Entombed's Left Hand Path or Morbid Angel's Blessed are the Sick or Merciless' The Awakening, but with Scando leanings like (later) AntiCimex or (later) Svart Parad or Uncurbed, and they top it off with a bit of the sounds that were coming out of the UK in the late 80's, anywhere from Hellbastard to My Dying Bride. Like I said , I dont think they did anything else (can you help here Per?) but I'm sure that the members went onto play in other bands, who knows. Nevertheless, this little gem from 1992 is a solid demo, especially the song 'Flesh for Sick', so check it out & lemme know what ya think.


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  3. There was also a Descontrol from Mexico.

  4. Can anyone download it?