Sunday, January 5, 2014


RENE HELL '18:54 Torture Hour'

Rene Hell, aka Jeff Witscher, put out this 6 song cassette in 2010 that was recorded at Club Furia (in South Carolina?). Rene Hell is probably best known for his band Secret Abuse and he is also a member in the band Deep Jew, among others. The songs on this cassette are pretty hard to articulate well. They are electronic in nature, with no vocals, almost soundtrack material, as you'll notice with the first song that has a foreboding feeling of malice to it, but it never breaks, it never gives you that climax you end up craving. This tape is good if you are looking to do a little self reflecting. Throw this tape on & I imagine you will find those answers...though you may not like what you find.

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  1. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for all the great music. It was awesome to see the Nausea and Misery posts. I hope you are keeping warm, it sounds like the east coast is having a brutal winter. Kurt :)