Sunday, February 9, 2014


FINAL RITES 'Hell Bent' Demo

AMAZING two song demo by this new band from some hole in Ohio. I no literally nothing about this band other than geographically. The music is DeathRock or Goth or whatever its called these days, and its done flawless;ly. In the title song, one of my best songs for 2013, you can here inspiration coming from The Cure (the darker era) and The Sisters Of Mercy, maybe a smidgeon of Christian death, but that does it no justice. These cats are an entity unto themselves and their sound is most definietely their own. Fantastic!! I hope they come out with more stuff cause this is flawless!


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  2. I'm so happy your back posting! I can't wait to listen to the last three posts. Does Effigy have nay compilation cd's or Lp's available? Thanks again for all the work.