Saturday, February 15, 2014


LIFE CHAIN 'Uniformed Cowards' 7"

First off, hats off to Halifax! The scene they've made for themselves is parallel to that of NYC, PDX, and so forth! With that said, today we're going to continue documenting the killer scene up there with LIFE CHAIN and their debut 7" entitled Uniformed Cowards. 5 songs that are in two tracks, two songs in track 1, 3 in track 2. Didnt want to split them as the blended well into one another.

LIFE CHAIN plays manic Hardcore obviously influenced by Sacrilege (as far as the vocals go) and 80's European Hardcore (as far as the music goes) and their is a definite love for D-Beat too, especially bands like Disclose. The 5 songs on here are a great follow up to their devastating demo. Just manic, ferocious, pull no punches Punk! The e.p. starts with what sounds like the dissection of Hades Piano Guts, then around the :20 second mark, the reverb of guitars start to hint, at :23 they are going for the throat, and at :31, it all stops to a fiery war drum THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Then a banshee wail, and then they burn the fucker down! Gives me goosebumps!! Check out the song Dead End. Those guitars are like chainsaws! And the drum beat isn't that ridiculous blast beat shit. Punk doesnt use blastbeats, Punk drumming rolls with the music, it doesnt need to be "macho" and this song proves it perfectly. The vocals are so fiendish, the only other time you'll hear such reverbed wails is in the echo'ed halls of hell! This is one mighty e.p. folks, and with members having played in/or currently play in bands such as ABJECT PAX, CONTAGIUM, CONCRETE ASYLUM, VIXENS, (((PRMTV CCMLTN))), and NEVER HUMAN you know the trouble thats in store for you.

Fucking relentless!

Lastly, thanks to Ben & LIFE CHAIN & the rest of the HFX Punks for letting me post their shit and being awesome fucing people!! See ya guys at New Yorks Alright!!


  1. wazzup stud?! stoked on this LIFE CHAIN ep but it doesnt seem to wanna bust wit the goods. is it just my computer(still) or is it NBSF? lotsa love!

  2. After reading you enthusiastic review I wanted to download this, but I don't get the download to work.

  3. im a big fan of bands who have the d-beat though arent dis-core at all. LIFE CHAIN is relentless in their expression. i also love bands like this who have such a unique sound that its hard to pin down, or at least difficult to compare. the female singer leads the affair with a charging, forceful, voice her own- which really sends it over the top for a stellar ep in my book. thanks, Adam