Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Finally, after several people have asked me to post this, I give you Japan's Deconstruction & their (2nd?) demo tape (from 98?). Their is literally NO info about this band so bare with me. They did this demo tape, another titled "Alternative Society" & were on the Tokyo Sound System comp (& they were on the 2002 Crusties Spending Loud Night DVD). There is also a live set floating around too (on cassette), Ive yet to hear it though. I'll post the other demo soon though, equally as good.

Musically, I like to think they are trying to deconstruct it. This tape is from the band, so it's not a 2nd or 3rd or 9th generation copy, but at times sounds so. This thing is in the red almost the entire tape! Clips like a motherfucker, but is a good thing. This demo is an all new type of beast, 5 songs that are more or less played as one long song (as their other demo & song from that comp can attest to), starting with their 'Alternative Society' song and ending with it, its kind of a thing with Deconstruction as they do the same thing on their other demo, again, titled 'Alternative Society'. You can tell they there is love for bands like Doom, Antisect & the like. This is a fantastic demo! Enjoy!

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  1. Band didn't exist in 1998, more like 2002. ex-Frigora, Life, Collapse Society, Abraham Cross...