Tuesday, June 24, 2014


EEL 'Drillmess Madness Violent Punker Scum Cassetti' Demo

One of the best bands thats out right now, Pittsburgh's EEL, and their 2012 cassette....um, cassetti. Four tracks that both tribute and reinvent that noisey racket that the KYUSHU ISLAND maniacs known as GAI laid down many moons ago. Maniacal snotty & sneering reverbed vocals? Check. Distortion drenched guitar ineptitude? Check. Flailing drums & and percusions? Check. Power tools? Check!! POWER TOOLS??? YES, POWER TOOLS!!! AND,You know it's a party when someone brings the powertools with the beandip!! That is EEL!!

You can find their latest record over at MINDCURE, and its a doozy.

Last but not least- An apology to my friends in EEL. I should've posted this a long ass time ago, but no time like the present. Cheers guys!


  1. if you can please go back to 4-shared. This host never works on your site :( at least not for me. thanks for the effort nonetheless.

  2. Violent anarKy is all we need, radioactive glue and speed!!!! Jimmy Rules.

  3. Feel free to download our 7" and lp for free on our bandcamp page. http://eelpgh.bandcamp.com/
    -Kevin // EEL