Wednesday, June 11, 2014


STALAG 17/TOXIC WASTE 'The Truth Will Be Heard' Split LP

When I was young, maybe 14,15, I moved in with my two best friends, twin punk girls from Dublin. I was lucky to be turned on to such good music by them from such an early age. One of those things was a demo tape by STALAG 17 called 'From Belfast With Love' (which I posted some years back, I'll repost if asked). I fell in love. Maybe two years later I got the A.L.F. comp titled The A.L.F. is Watching And There's No Place To Hide which had Toxic Waste on it, arguably the best song on that comp (though Body Count gave them a run for their money, and I also posted that comp years back, & will repost if asked). Again, another band that sent shivers up & down my spine. Both bands were so goddamned angry, and being from Belfast in the 80's they had every right to be & you can hear that angst in their music. When I found out later that both bands had done a split LP, i searched high & low for it & it was as good as I had hoped. Perfectly executed Anarcho-Punk in the mold of bands like Conflict & Icons Of Filth. For me, this is essential.


  1. Both of these bands I have been meaning to check for years. Thanks for the upload!

  2. Great story. Many thanks for posting it for all to read.