Saturday, August 16, 2014

Butterfly Flutter By

A//SOLUTION 'Butterfly Demo'

A re-post. I'll get back to posting soon, my tape/USB is broke & I've been working alot, so far now, old re-up's.

And this re-up is a gem. LBC's A//SOLUTION and their 1988 'Butterfly' Demo. And no, this is not the same thing as the Butterfly e.p., though I do feel the songs from that e.p. came from the Butterfly Demo sessions (could be wrong though). 6 songs, 3 songs not on their e.p. or their CD, and 3 songs from the e.p.

So, A//SOLUTION...One of my all time favorite bands (the e.p. was my very first post!). This band, along with the mighty Apocalypse, Glycine Max & Confrontation, spearheaded the late 80's/early 90's SoCal Crust scene. I moved out to California in the early 90's, so I got to see the tailend of this scene. Fuckin brutal. A//SOLUTION were the crustiest bastards you would ever see. They had 3 singers (one of which, Nedwob, committed suicide in 94 {I think it was 94}), a guitarist, bassist & drummer. The crust they played, I feel, was/is the crustiest music ever made in the U.S.. Passionate, Bass-heavy, 3 fuckin singers (all at different pitches., is that the right word?) and a guitarist that just slayed. They defined the SoCAl Chuuga-Chugga-Wail sound. Really, I'm such a huge fan of these bands, and A//SOLUTION tops the list for me. I can't do this justice. It's a 10 out of 10. In fact, if I recall right, some of the band members went to England and befriended the HellBastard guys, and ya can hear the influence for sure (the RipperCrust-era HellBastard).

Once again, this is one of the crown jewels of my collection & this thing will be D/L'ed to death, so download this before ALL the uploading services go bellyup. I also have the LOVE Demo and a live set from 1988 that I'll post as soon as I buy another cassette/USB recorder.

And to flog a dead horse, if ya want to start a Crust Punk band, this is your blueprint. Cause like I've said a million times in the past, I feel the term Crust is used erroneously these days, I also feel that there are maybe 5, 6 Crust bands even playing these days. That point is moot, I dunno, but I do know this- A//SOLUTION flys the crust flag high (and it stinks!).



  1. This is PUNK AS NAILS! fantastic crust. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this, classic crust. I used have this demo till it got stolen

  3. Hey bro, This is Greg Icky (guitar). Nathan and I started the band back in 85. Thanks a ton for putting this up. I don't even have the Love demo. So if you get that on here that would be awesome. Not even sure what it sounds like, we recorded it at Long Beach Community College with our friend Rex. It may or may not have Nedwob on it (think it was right before he joined but he was definitely there). This demo was when we were at our peak with all the elements in place. Anything before or after would have only 2 singers and a different drummer. Nedwob did take his own life in 95. The CD "Things to Come" was recored with him 2 years prior to his death. Jon G of Glycine Max released it in the summer after that as a tribute to him. We had disbanded before it's release. His suicide note is on the back of the CD. A lot of this can be found on myspace still thanks to Little Brian who put out Dreams of Tomorrow zine. Cheers.

  4. Greg,
    The LOVE demo sounds great!! I will post it this coming week for you. A//Solution is probably my favorite Crust band, I think the sound is Crust Punk personified. I also have a live set that is on side B of the Love Demo. It says its from 1998, but figured its a misprint and was actually 1988 (any idea?). Thanks so much for writing!

    Also, wondering if ya have any live sets, anything else, I could get my hands on?? Also, I've been looking for an A//Solution t-shirt forever (I remember in the early 90's people sporting them), know where I could get one? Flyers? Lemme know!!

  5. Greg, also wondering if you or anyone else went on to do any other bands??

  6. Brilliant post. I am not familiar with the A//Solution demos (yet!) but the Ep is definitely a classic of the genre. And I can't agree more that the term "crust" is almost always used inadequately nowadays.

    On a side note, I bought my A//Solution shirt from Berzerker wear a couple of years ago, I suppose they still might have some.

  7. its a nice post!!!!! I love A/solution soooo much as well as Glycine Max but i cant find any of their stuff to download, you should upload their demo or the violent mind//peaceful heart thing!!