Sunday, August 3, 2014

Left Field Sundays

David Koresh 'Voice Of Fire'

This is an old re-post.

 Today we have David Koresh. Theirs 2 songs and a sermon on here. The 2 songs are acoustic with just a guitar and a voice. I love these two songs, If they were by someone else, I might feel different. The sermon is about an hour long, and I can see why people followed him. His voice is magnetic and mesmerizing. He knows how to talk. It gets a bit fire & brimstone towards the end, but it's basically about why they are real christians opposed to the false christians. Anyway, both songs and the sermon on here are a must listen in my eyes.

On a side note, in 92 or 93 their was an Anarchist gathering in Austin, Texas that me and a bunch of my friends went to. After that, me and two friends went to Dallas to hop freight trains to NYC, but to get there we had to hitchhike though Waco. It was during the siege that we hitched through there, luckily the FBI and ATF didn't stop us and immolate us!


  1. I get a kick out of weird stuff like this, thanks for hooking it up!

  2. This made me think of Billy Joe Shavers' song Wacko from Waco which is actually about himself shooting a guy and not about Koresh. Anyhow...thanks.

  3. You can't forget Koresh's failed stab at rockstardom with this would-be single! Listen carefully to the lyrics -- even though he's talking about the former leader of the Branch Davidians, they describe a lot of things would end up defining his leadership of the sect and its tragic downfall. Fascinating and eerie stuff!