Sunday, March 23, 2014


THE RITA 'Flapper Influence From French Prostitutes' Cassette

Stellar 2 song cassette from this recent heavyweight in all things that hurt the ears. 2005 release. Harsh Noise that seduces, not unlike a 1920's French Prostitute I'd imagine.

Also, Im trying out a new uploading service. I hope it does me better than the previous two. Keep me posted peops. Atrocious Madness re-upped. The last 4 or 5 will be re-upped within the next hour.

Thursday, March 20, 2014



1998 classic demo by these PDX heavyweights. Atrocious Madness, named after a Confuse song (or one could say named after the CONFUSE style), could be accreditted to bringing that sound to the US, at least they were recognized in doing so & helped make that sound more popular. They went on to do another demo or two, a gang of e.p.'s, an LP and a split LP before hanging up the studs. Members of Atrocious Madness also played and went on to play in every other band in PDX that I bet if one were to play "Six Degress of Kevin Mahoney", you could go all the way back to early Poison Idea, Final Warning & The Wipers. Great fuckin demo!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


TOZIBABE 'Dezuje' E.P.

Relentless 4 song e.p. of mid 80's Yugoslavian Hardcore (by way of Slovenia) by this all female three piece. They did this, were on a couple split cassettes with UBR, Odpadki Civilzacije & a few more and were also on the great compilation 'Hardcore Ljubljana' and then called it a day. One of the more ferocious all female bands that ever graced this thing of ours. Just great stuff! Don't let the word 'Babe' in their name lead you to think this has anything to do with Riot Grrl, it does not, predates it by 5 years and is musically leagues away.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


DEFIANCE 'Demo' Tape

1993 three song demo by these Japanese Crust Punks. One of the Final Noise Attack bands (Condemned, Reason Why, & Despair), DEFIANCE deliver Crust Punk obviously influenced by bands such as Hellbastard, Concrete Sox, DOOM, and shared members with GLOOM & DEFECTOR, so you kinda know what your getting into. They did this demo & were on a handful of the great mid-90's Japanese Crust comps, such as Final Noise Attack, Truth? & Meaningful Consolidation.

Sunday, March 16, 2014



Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, aka D.A.F., were a German Techno-EBM band from the early 80's who did 6 or 7 full lengths, a load of e.p.s and in 2008 recorded their last LP, the first since 86. This LP, Alles Ist Gut, is their second, from 1981. A friend of mine believes Depeche Mode owes their sound to DAF, and I see it, but DAF is FAR more primitive.

DAF's Alles Ist Gut is a midnight frolic in a sweaty & dank back alley Teddy Bar. A well recieved grunt of pain. A damp dancefloor dance high on Rush and Poppers. A homoerotic hairy chested sexual escapade you'll never again mention, but you cant stop thinking about. It's a delicious synth-sex Rohypnol'ed night of blacked out debauchery. Its fucking in the ass, not anal sex.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Here Comes The Wretched

THE WRETCHED 'Too Fast To Die' Cassette

What to say about this 1990 cassette? First and foremost, it features Chitose on vocals after the break up of the legendary Japanese Punk band The Comes (and after Chitose's other band Virgin Rocks). In fact, this tape/band kinda takes the sounds of The Comes "Power Never Die" LP (an LP that I love btw) and runs with it, which is basically a Thrash Metal/Hardcore Punk hybrid, this leaning more towards Thrash. One can even hear some Kill Em All era Metallica influence. My favorite song on here is most definitely the second, 'Depravity', if for the gang choruses alone, giving the song an Punk sound as the influence is obviously there. The only bad thing I have to say, is some of the songs, incl Depravity, are comically long. 7 minutes long, where they shouldve been cut in half. Beyond that, a solid demo from a legendary singer!

Sunday, March 9, 2014



Gary Numan's Tubeway Army. Debut LP from 1978. New Wave Electro Android Punk. Philip K Dick in music form. Classic.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


LIFE CHAIN 'Uniformed Cowards' 7"

First off, hats off to Halifax! The scene they've made for themselves is parallel to that of NYC, PDX, and so forth! With that said, today we're going to continue documenting the killer scene up there with LIFE CHAIN and their debut 7" entitled Uniformed Cowards. 5 songs that are in two tracks, two songs in track 1, 3 in track 2. Didnt want to split them as the blended well into one another.

LIFE CHAIN plays manic Hardcore obviously influenced by Sacrilege (as far as the vocals go) and 80's European Hardcore (as far as the music goes) and their is a definite love for D-Beat too, especially bands like Disclose. The 5 songs on here are a great follow up to their devastating demo. Just manic, ferocious, pull no punches Punk! The e.p. starts with what sounds like the dissection of Hades Piano Guts, then around the :20 second mark, the reverb of guitars start to hint, at :23 they are going for the throat, and at :31, it all stops to a fiery war drum THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Then a banshee wail, and then they burn the fucker down! Gives me goosebumps!! Check out the song Dead End. Those guitars are like chainsaws! And the drum beat isn't that ridiculous blast beat shit. Punk doesnt use blastbeats, Punk drumming rolls with the music, it doesnt need to be "macho" and this song proves it perfectly. The vocals are so fiendish, the only other time you'll hear such reverbed wails is in the echo'ed halls of hell! This is one mighty e.p. folks, and with members having played in/or currently play in bands such as ABJECT PAX, CONTAGIUM, CONCRETE ASYLUM, VIXENS, (((PRMTV CCMLTN))), and NEVER HUMAN you know the trouble thats in store for you.

Fucking relentless!

Lastly, thanks to Ben & LIFE CHAIN & the rest of the HFX Punks for letting me post their shit and being awesome fucing people!! See ya guys at New Yorks Alright!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


FINAL RITES 'Hell Bent' Demo

AMAZING two song demo by this new band from some hole in Ohio. I no literally nothing about this band other than geographically. The music is DeathRock or Goth or whatever its called these days, and its done flawless;ly. In the title song, one of my best songs for 2013, you can here inspiration coming from The Cure (the darker era) and The Sisters Of Mercy, maybe a smidgeon of Christian death, but that does it no justice. These cats are an entity unto themselves and their sound is most definietely their own. Fantastic!! I hope they come out with more stuff cause this is flawless!

Friday, February 7, 2014


SUFFER 'Forest of Spears' E.P.

Today I just wanted to post something Punk, Hardcore Punk, without the bells and whistles. I didnt want any silly sub-genre'd Punk, just wanted no frills Punk. With that in mind, I present to you SUFFER and their 1998 7" entitled "Forest of Spears" on the great Flat Earth Recs. Suffer play Hardcore Punk that is passionate and barking mad, and very much of the DIY spirit. This shit runs in their blood. What we come to expect from Bradford, UK bands. Burly stuff.

Suffer formed after the breakup of the equally zealous HEALTHHAZARD minus the singer Mandy. Members have also played, at one time or another, in such bands as DOOM, ONE BY ONE, (the criminally underrated & overlooked) GENERIC, BOXED IN, BLOOD ROBOTS, WAR ALL THE TIME, SAWN OFF, EBOLA, WARFEAR & more! Phew....what a resume. Also, FLAT EARTH RECS was founded by Sned.

Thursday, February 6, 2014



Back to posting....
....And today is an old re-post of two Japanese heavy hitters. One I love. One I like.

We'll start with Side A, the one I love, the EFFIGY side, entitled "Apocalyptic Metal Live 'Deathtopia'". First off, the sound quality is obviously off the board, because its pretty near flawless. Effigy deliver 9 songs here on 04/03/07 at Shinjuku AntiKnock, Tokyo. 8 originals, and an Amebix cover. The first 3 songs, Lemmings, Idiots, & Genetic Rememberance aren't on any of their other releases, so that's just another bonus. The rest of the songs are from their e.p.s & split w/ Hellshock. As always, Effigy delivers the chugga-chugga goods!!

Side B, Abigails side, the side I dont love, not due to sound quality either, its just this style of music isn't my cup of tea. Anyway, Abigail, a long running Japanese MotorPunk band also serve up 9 songs. The also do 8 originals and one cover of a NME song. This side is called "Kamikaze Porn Thrash Attack" and the name sums it all up. Song titles such as Beer!Metal!Sex!, Satanik Metal Fucking Hell, & War 666 just to name three gets my point across. Good stuff, not great.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Is a new blog that I'm doing with my comrade in arms Brent Dearing. It will be of the Noise/Industrial/PE/HNW/Electro persuasion. And it will NOT be pretty. So, join as we invoke a cacophony of foul things, post nefarious sounds,  right wrongs and, in general,  play advocate to the Devil. If you dare....