Wednesday, September 17, 2014


CRAZY SPIRIT 'Demo 2014'

More of that weirdo, bizarro Hardcore from these NYC maniacs. Five songs that were recorded for this years NEW YORKS ALRIGHT FEST.  Mutant Punk in the same vein as early 80's LA Punk via a  Toxic Dump.

Sunday, August 24, 2014



DAF's fourth LP, from 1981, entitled Gold Und Liebe (Gold And Love). A duo of Janky Electro Punk/Neue Deutsch Welle from Dusseldorf that envokes a perfect mental and aural picture of sweaty German dance clubs in the early 80's, rife with sex & drugs.
Their sound is a bit hard to pin down, but in an interview in Melody Makerin 81, half of DAF, Robert Gorl said  "Most bands get a synthesizer & their first idea is to tune it. they want a clean, normal sound. They dont work with the power you get from a synthesizer...we want to bring together this high technique with body power so you have the past time mixed with the future.". Apt.

Their 3rd LP, Alles Ist Gut.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Ok, ok, a new post. Japan's Disdomestic Violence from around 2005 or so. They did two more 7"s and a CDr demo that saw them venture into a more Doom Metal sound. Fear not my fair weathered friends,  as this demo is what you came to this blog for. 4 songs of Dark, Crust-Influenced Hardcore. I've seen them labeled as Raw Dark Crust, a stretch, and also Total Darkness Sad Core, which is strangely more fitting here. It's a really good demo from a band with a strange name, kinda like that awesome demo I posted some time ago by Crusty Hi-Charge (another bad name/great demo). Anyway, hope ya enjoy.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Butterfly Flutter By

A//SOLUTION 'Butterfly Demo'

A re-post. I'll get back to posting soon, my tape/USB is broke & I've been working alot, so far now, old re-up's.

And this re-up is a gem. LBC's A//SOLUTION and their 1988 'Butterfly' Demo. And no, this is not the same thing as the Butterfly e.p., though I do feel the songs from that e.p. came from the Butterfly Demo sessions (could be wrong though). 6 songs, 3 songs not on their e.p. or their CD, and 3 songs from the e.p.

So, A//SOLUTION...One of my all time favorite bands (the e.p. was my very first post!). This band, along with the mighty Apocalypse, Glycine Max & Confrontation, spearheaded the late 80's/early 90's SoCal Crust scene. I moved out to California in the early 90's, so I got to see the tailend of this scene. Fuckin brutal. A//SOLUTION were the crustiest bastards you would ever see. They had 3 singers (one of which, Nedwob, committed suicide in 94 {I think it was 94}), a guitarist, bassist & drummer. The crust they played, I feel, was/is the crustiest music ever made in the U.S.. Passionate, Bass-heavy, 3 fuckin singers (all at different pitches., is that the right word?) and a guitarist that just slayed. They defined the SoCAl Chuuga-Chugga-Wail sound. Really, I'm such a huge fan of these bands, and A//SOLUTION tops the list for me. I can't do this justice. It's a 10 out of 10. In fact, if I recall right, some of the band members went to England and befriended the HellBastard guys, and ya can hear the influence for sure (the RipperCrust-era HellBastard).

Once again, this is one of the crown jewels of my collection & this thing will be D/L'ed to death, so download this before ALL the uploading services go bellyup. I also have the LOVE Demo and a live set from 1988 that I'll post as soon as I buy another cassette/USB recorder.

And to flog a dead horse, if ya want to start a Crust Punk band, this is your blueprint. Cause like I've said a million times in the past, I feel the term Crust is used erroneously these days, I also feel that there are maybe 5, 6 Crust bands even playing these days. That point is moot, I dunno, but I do know this- A//SOLUTION flys the crust flag high (and it stinks!).


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Left Field Sundays

David Koresh 'Voice Of Fire'

This is an old re-post.

 Today we have David Koresh. Theirs 2 songs and a sermon on here. The 2 songs are acoustic with just a guitar and a voice. I love these two songs, If they were by someone else, I might feel different. The sermon is about an hour long, and I can see why people followed him. His voice is magnetic and mesmerizing. He knows how to talk. It gets a bit fire & brimstone towards the end, but it's basically about why they are real christians opposed to the false christians. Anyway, both songs and the sermon on here are a must listen in my eyes.

On a side note, in 92 or 93 their was an Anarchist gathering in Austin, Texas that me and a bunch of my friends went to. After that, me and two friends went to Dallas to hop freight trains to NYC, but to get there we had to hitchhike though Waco. It was during the siege that we hitched through there, luckily the FBI and ATF didn't stop us and immolate us!

Saturday, July 5, 2014


NEVER HUMAN 'Demo' Cassette

Wouldnt ya know it, another amazing band from the scene up there in Halifax! Some of the best Punk is coming outta there these days, with bands like LIFE CHAIN, CONCRETE ASYLUM, ABJECT PAX, GRUMP, CONTAGIUM & many, many more, these Punks are taking the world by storm. And they just keep churning it out. Those punks up there are fucking relentless! Tenacious !!

Enter NEVER HUMAN. Uber-primitive sounding Raw Punk that at times doesnt even sound human!!!! Stomping, bare-boned, reverb-plagued, barking-mad Hardcore that goes for the throat. Ya get seven songs on here, including a NECROS cover song (which, as far as cover songs go, is a breath of fresh air, i.e. its not a DISCHARGE, SHITLICKERS, or ANTICIMEX song, or D-Beat song in general), and a cover they honor opposed to ape. Good job guys!

My favorite songs on here are 'Void of Voice', which just starts this ripper like a sucker punch, 'Erase', a force of a song, and Ben's drumming on here exemplifies what I think Punk drumming should amount to, basically none of that blastbeat bullshit, Ben doesnt force it, doesnt 'need' to be heard, he keeps the pace fast where needed & slow n steady where needed, and the bass & guitars in 'Not My Views' is just Punk perfection. And check out the lyrics to 'Deny'- Life's losing reason when you try to survive   each day spent living thoughts  dragging behind reasons lose purpose  when you cant make up your mind why do you bother why do you try live in denial hope for the best see the true colors fall for the rest.

Pretty goddamned poinant, huh? This is a fantastic demo & I really, really hope they grace us with more releases!!!!

And lastly, just wanna thank my Halifax pals for being an awesome crew, for keeping me stocked with killer tunes, for keeping the fire lit & keeping it Punk! You guys rule!! Cheers!

Saturday, June 28, 2014



Top shelf demo from these Japanese maniacs. 14 songs. 7 studio. 7 live (though the live sound immaculate). 3 cover songs. 2 by (my personal faves) The Iconoclast (studio) & 1 by Shitlickers (live). This sound is the basis for this blog. This is all you need to know. Have a good day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


EEL 'Drillmess Madness Violent Punker Scum Cassetti' Demo

One of the best bands thats out right now, Pittsburgh's EEL, and their 2012, cassetti. Four tracks that both tribute and reinvent that noisey racket that the KYUSHU ISLAND maniacs known as GAI laid down many moons ago. Maniacal snotty & sneering reverbed vocals? Check. Distortion drenched guitar ineptitude? Check. Flailing drums & and percusions? Check. Power tools? Check!! POWER TOOLS??? YES, POWER TOOLS!!! AND,You know it's a party when someone brings the powertools with the beandip!! That is EEL!!

You can find their latest record over at MINDCURE, and its a doozy.

Last but not least- An apology to my friends in EEL. I should've posted this a long ass time ago, but no time like the present. Cheers guys!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


CRAOW 'Preferable Execution By Firing Squad' Cassette

I find this band difficult to describe as they (he) are such an indepth band. I can & will wholeheartedly tell ya a few things with certainty, one is the very soul of this release is noise. If ya look deeper you'll find Power Electronic leanings, Industrial static & feedback. I can also tell you its nastier & noisier & less accessable than C-Bank. Both a good thing and a bad thing. Its releative, that accessability.
I can tell you that Tampa, Florida's CRAOW is a fuckin force to be reckoned with. Lastly, I can tell that you should D/L this forthwith & I promise you wont be let down. Formidable stuff.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


STALAG 17/TOXIC WASTE 'The Truth Will Be Heard' Split LP

When I was young, maybe 14,15, I moved in with my two best friends, twin punk girls from Dublin. I was lucky to be turned on to such good music by them from such an early age. One of those things was a demo tape by STALAG 17 called 'From Belfast With Love' (which I posted some years back, I'll repost if asked). I fell in love. Maybe two years later I got the A.L.F. comp titled The A.L.F. is Watching And There's No Place To Hide which had Toxic Waste on it, arguably the best song on that comp (though Body Count gave them a run for their money, and I also posted that comp years back, & will repost if asked). Again, another band that sent shivers up & down my spine. Both bands were so goddamned angry, and being from Belfast in the 80's they had every right to be & you can hear that angst in their music. When I found out later that both bands had done a split LP, i searched high & low for it & it was as good as I had hoped. Perfectly executed Anarcho-Punk in the mold of bands like Conflict & Icons Of Filth. For me, this is essential.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Finally, after several people have asked me to post this, I give you Japan's Deconstruction & their (2nd?) demo tape (from 98?). Their is literally NO info about this band so bare with me. They did this demo tape, another titled "Alternative Society" & were on the Tokyo Sound System comp (& they were on the 2002 Crusties Spending Loud Night DVD). There is also a live set floating around too (on cassette), Ive yet to hear it though. I'll post the other demo soon though, equally as good.

Musically, I like to think they are trying to deconstruct it. This tape is from the band, so it's not a 2nd or 3rd or 9th generation copy, but at times sounds so. This thing is in the red almost the entire tape! Clips like a motherfucker, but is a good thing. This demo is an all new type of beast, 5 songs that are more or less played as one long song (as their other demo & song from that comp can attest to), starting with their 'Alternative Society' song and ending with it, its kind of a thing with Deconstruction as they do the same thing on their other demo, again, titled 'Alternative Society'. You can tell they there is love for bands like Doom, Antisect & the like. This is a fantastic demo! Enjoy!

Monday, June 9, 2014


PERFUME RIVER 'Concrete Wind' Cassette

After getting over this not being what I first took it as, which was a Bone Awl type of stomping Black Metal Punk thing, I realized this was a fine piece of hardcore. Stomping still but without the Black Metal part. 5 songs in 4 1/2 minutes, this is a furious sucker punch of a cassette, relentless Hardcore. I have a feeling your gonna dig this.