Sunday, May 10, 2015


RITUAL HOWLS 'Ritual Howls II' Cassette Demo

Detroits Ritual Howls hexing us with three soulful dirges conjured up in the year 2013. This is their 2nd S/T'ed demo on Nostilevo out of three. They also did 2 albums (which I've yet to even hear, let alone buy) and a split e.p..

Besides having THEE best name for a band playing this sort of music, which falls somewhere between Fields of the Nephilim, Joy Division, early Nick Cave & Sisters of Mercy, they also have branded the genre(s) with their own stamp. On Bandcamp, under the tags, one of them says "country". At first, I didnt understand, but then started to think about where theyre from, Detroit, and I came to understand.

Country Goth for a new dark age spewed out from a ghost town-abandoned city as industrial waste tumbleweeds by . Cemetary & Western. The atmosphere of it all feeds itself. Ritual Howls casts a spell of doom to this soundtrack where there is no hope and all is lost. The meek inherit Detroit.

Honestly, this band is probably my favorite of all the new bands popping up left & right playing goth & Deathrock. I cant get enough of them. I will post their 3rd demo soon, but after you check this tape out, go over to the great Terminal Escape and D/L their monumental first demo.

Saturday, May 9, 2015



2010 re-release of this 2009 demo from Melbourne, Australia Punk band Sucio Poder. Amazing 4 song demo that owes allegiance to the 1980's Barcelona Punk bands, such as Kangrena. The singer is Colombian and all songs are sung in Spanish and there is just something so impetuous and volatile when Punk is sung in Spanish (at least in my opinion). They end the cassette by covering a Paralisis Permanente song, and they do it proper justice. Its a crying shame that this was the sole release by this band.

Friday, May 8, 2015



Every since I got that Cream Of The Crop comp tape on Best Before 84, I have been infatuated with this band. Punk Perfection. A bit of UK82 and a bit of DBeat and a bit of NoisePunk and throw it all into a blender, add a little swagger and out comes SUNSHINE WARD. This is soooo good !!!

Friday, January 30, 2015


SKIN DEEP 'Football Violence" E.P.

I was watching a youtube video of a live set from that rippinfg new band from the UK, ARMS RACE, and the singer had on a SKIN DEEP shirt on. Which reminded me how good this E.P. is and to share it with you guys here on NBSF.

This is SKIN DEEP's lone recording, this 3 song E.P. from 1985. It has everything you want in an Oi! record. Anthemic chants, football, hoolaginism, wanton violence, mob choirs, boots, braces, etc etc. Evidently, this is also one of the more rarer Oi records. A true gem.

Friday, January 9, 2015


THE DONKEYS 'Serve You Right!' Demo Tape

One of two demo tapes by the pre-Chaos Channel band. 13 songs of inept Noise Punk Fuckery. I think I actually like this better than Chaos Ch.. Though some would consider that blasphemy. This is killer/no filler!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


BLUE KRISHNA 'Repeat Until Death' Cassette

Fantastic 4 song cassette from L.A.'s Blue Krishna on the great Nostilevo label. I know next to nothing about these guys other than it shares a member with Body Of Light. Repeat Until Death is a tad hard for me to explain, Hard Synth I would call it, I suppose, with a heaping of Industrial. Whatever little moniker ya wanna name it, one thing rings true, this is a fantastic cassette.

Monday, December 22, 2014



Link fixed

2014 8 song demo by this new NYC Punk band. Let me first say that I know NOTHING about this band. I was buying some cassettes at my local record store (Heaven Street) and picked this up when I meant to pick something else up. To my gain. This tape is fucking awesome! These guys sure make a serious racket on this tape, no holds barred. It's a demo, so it's not studio produced quality, but this is to our gain. 8 songs of fuzzed out, manic, noise Punk (not The Swankys Noise Punk, more Hardcore, more NYC, more weirdo) including a cover of The Cure, which they give a serious asskicking to, and a Weird Al Yankovich cover (of  a cover? A Devo parody song), all to our gain.

If anyone has info on this band, please share.

Lebenden Toten link fixed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


LEBENDEN TOTEN '8 Tracks Demo' Cassette

Link fixed.

2002 demo tape & debut release by the mighty LEBENDEN TOTEN. 8 tracks of Noise Punk Chaos! Members of every other PDX band. This is all you need to know. Punk perfection!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


DESECRATION 'Damaged By Decimels' Demo

Tonrnado quik 4 song demo by this overlooked & underappreciated Hardcore act outta Arizona in the late 80's. Desecration nailed that late 80's/early 90's political Peace Punk/CrustPunk sound that takes a page from 80's European Raw Punk acts as well. They did this demo, an e.p. that is amazing entitled 'Who's in Control?' & a split 12 with Subverse. They were on the Hippycore comp, Metal Gives us a Headache & a few comps put out by the great UK label Manic Ears, 'North Atlantic Noise Attack' & 'Manic Ears;The Histyrical Years'. It should also be noted they do a cover of Sabbath's Paranoid, which Im not a big fan of (punk bands covering Sabbath), but the other 3 songs are Punk as Nails Gold!

Monday, December 15, 2014




1987 demo by this cult Barcelona Punk band.  7 songs of that trademark 80's Barca  Hardcore sound (along with L'odi Social, Shit SA, Kangrena, etc), a mix of pre-dated fastcore & raw punk, with political lyrics and angst & passion in volumes. I believe this demo was a protest to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, but could be wrong about that. Anyone know?

Anti-Dogmatikss were on that great Barca comp 'La Lucha Continua' with AutoDefensa & L'Odi Social, & had done a demo prior to this in 1984. They were also on a gang of other comps, but La Lucha Continua is a stand out.

This is great Hardcore folks, hope ya get with it.

Sunday, December 14, 2014



Monumental 1982 album by this short-lived Spanish post-punk/deathrock band from Madrid. Arising from the ashes of other less known bands, Paralisis Permanente spearheaded La Movida Madrilena (The Madrilean Scene) which was a countercultural movement formed after the 1975 death of the despot Francisco Franco. Film, television, art, literature, comics and music experienced a revelation of freedom after Franco's death, characterized by freedom of expression, transgression of taboos imposed by Franco's regime and an overall feeling of freedom. The most well known artist to come from this scene was the filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. Paralisis Permanente was at the forefront of the burgeoning music scene that resembled in sound & appearance to British New Wave & Deutsch Neue Welle.

El Acto is 13 songs of cold post-punk perfection, with serious leanings towards deathrock, similar to Musta Paraati, Siekiera, & RedLorryYellowLorry. The also do an amazing Spanish cover of David Bowie's Heroes & a less ambitious cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog by Iggy Pop. The stand out songs on here are Adictos A La Lujuria, Vamos A Jugar, El Acto & Tengo Un Pasajero, but really, the whole LP kills! In their short existance, they did this LP, a split e.p. with fellow Madrileans Gabinete Caligari & two amazing e.p.s. In 1983, the band got into a car wreck coming from a gig & the singer was killed.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


APARAT 'Demo 98'

Probably more famous for the band that was on that 7" split with fellow countrymen EFFIGY, their side being the better of the two and thats high praise indeed as I love EFFIGY, but ÄPÄRÄT fucking KILLED it on that split e.p.. They also appeared on 2 of the great late 90's comps, that great all-Japanese 3xLP compilation 'Chaos of Destruction' from 97 & the equally as good all-Japanese comp 'No Hesitation To Resist' from 98.
This 7song demo sees them in the same form as those comps & split with Effigy, but a tad better as its more noisey & more raw. To me, this is one of the best & Punkest demos to come out of Japan in the past 20 years (up there with GLOOM's demos & FRAMTIDs). ! Bold words, yes, but check out the song Civilization (.....and my case is rested.) All songs sung in Finnish as this is Finnish worship of the highest order. ÄPÄRÄT is Finnish for Bastards, and we all (should) know that BASTARDS is one of THE best Finnish Hardcore bands ever, and of course, their was also an 80's Finn band also called ÄPÄRÄT. Coincedence? No fuckin way! My friends, I do believe this is exactly what your looking for today. Enjoy!!