Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MY 2015 BEST Of....

"First things first: This blog isn't dead, going through some stuff recently, will be back to posting in a month or so. In the meantime, my "Best Of" List-

PUNK: (Only the first 5 are in order)

1 Sadist- Shadow of the Swastika 7"
2 Rixe- E.P.
3 Tau Cross- S/T LP
4 Survival- Walk into the Fire
5 LifeChain- No More Bloom 7"
6 Mommy-E.P.
7 Indignation- Demo Cassette
8 Stupid Life/Fundamental/Mutant Itch- Tour Tape
9 Concrete Asylum- 11 Song E.P.
10 Pressing On- Demo Cassette
11 Litovsk/Syndrome 81- Split
12 Haldol/Blank Spell- Tour Tape
13 Condition- Actual Hell
14 LSD- Latishas Skull Drawing Cassette
15 L.O.T.I.O.N.- Digital CAMO LP
16 Spetsnaz- Demo (yes, its from '14)
17 Generation Suicida- Todo Termina
18 Haldol- S/T LP
19 Masses/Deathchurch- Split E.P.
20 ZOTZ-S/T E.P.
21 Abortocidio-E.P.'s (Their side of two splits)
22 Moth/Infinite Void-Split E.P.
23 Muerte-S/T LP
24 Sucia- Mierda Mierda Mierda Cassette
25 Sang- Mon Oblidat
26 Syndrome 81- Deserte Urbaine
27 Perspex Flesh- Ordered Image
28 Dawn Of Humans- Slurping At the Cosmos Spine
29 Sunshine Ward- Live Cassette
30 Q-Record
31 Blank Spell- S/T 7"

NOT PUNK (only first 4 are in order)

1 Teledrome-S/T LP
2 Soft Kill- Heresy
3 Underpass- Assimilation LP
4 Lakes- Arms in Twilight
5 Decades/Failures- Goodby3
6 Cold Cave/Genesis P'Orridge/Black Rain- Rebellion Is over Cassette
7 Anna Von Hausswolff-The Miraculous LP
8 Disasterpeace- It Follows OST
9 SRM- Brick Violation Cassette
10 Afkald- Demo


  1. Tensión: Raw and dark Spanish punk hardcore.

  2. Yeah I guess "going through some stuff recently" about covers being a complete and utter asshole to someone who gave you a place to stay and fucking them over on the large sum of $ they lent you! Nice.

  3. Glad you didn't throw in the towel. I look forward to seeing what you will post in the future.

  4. fuck dude, whered you go again? its steve in NM. hit me up. paganpeacepunk at yahoo dot com. cheers