Thursday, April 7, 2016


BLITZ "Second Empire Justice" LP

In 1983, arguably, the best Oi band became, arguably, the best Post-Punk band. When I first heard this, i signed it off as rubbish, like most people who like Blitz would've, i imagine. Years later, and the second time I heard it, I fell in love. Amazing, cold, goth-tinged Post-Punk that is a by product of the Thatcher years. The two stand out tracks, Flowers & Fire and Telecommunication, are absolutely perfect. Every song on here is gold, but those two, platinum!


  1. hail the beast !i give it a go!why not ? i checked it in youtube and it's not bad --im not against depressing music --i read it sounds like Chamaleons,so i go for it -thanx