Wednesday, March 22, 2017


DEAD SILENCE 'Beginning of the End' LP

I really can't imagine a more apropos LP title, cover art, & lyrics due to the current political environment. DEAD SILENCE, of Boulder, Colorado, and their 2nd LP from 1987. To me, this was the band at their apex. This LP is the one with their uber-classic song "We Turn Away', a song thats also very appropriate for todays immigration and refuge issues, in fact, it could surely be the theme song. Such a classic fucking song!

If ya don't know Dead Silence, they lasted from (roughly) 1984-1994. They put out three LP's, a split LP w/ Dissent, five e.p.'s and a split 7" with TitWrench. But , again, its this LP that stood out for me, along with the 'Hope' 7", and the great 'Hell, How Could We Make Any More Money Than This?' on Profane Existence Records (back when they were still putting out top shelf stuff) that was an indictment (& a play on words to the Bad Religion LP of similar title) on "Punk" bands selling out.

Musically, Dead Silence (along with all bands pre-internet) had their own sound, but I suppose you would lump them into the PeacePunk genre, if your making me label shit.

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