Monday, March 20, 2017


FRAGMENT "Demo" 2016

Halifax's own FRAGMENT. Filthy Raw D-Beat that blurs the line of Crasher. Searing guitar. Reverted bass. Manic vocals. And that D-Beat baby, that D-Beat. Nothing more to be said really. This is done by seasoned pros. Members have been making a racket, inciting riots and damaging ear drums in bands such as LIFE CHAIN, CONCRETE ASYLUM, ALIENATION, ABJECT PAX, WORD ON THE STREET, UNREAL THOUGHT, NEVER HUMAN, GRUMP, CUM RAG, NEGATIVE RAGE, CAUSTIX, CARCASS TOSS and more, many more. Now if that aint a fucking impressive resume, then what is, eh?

As always, a big thanks to Cody & Ben (& the rest of the HFX Crew). Keep up the good work!

Tracklist (though its all clumped into one track, as the songs been together)
1: Pollution Cycle
2:Abandoned, Surrounded
4:Old Tyrants
5:Band Minds
6:Slow Death

Fragment Bandcamp

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