Friday, March 25, 2016

La Force Dans La Oi!

V/A La Force Dans La Oi! Vol. 2

Four song compilation outta Nantes, France. Four bands. Four of THE BEST Oi bands out right now and they all happen to be French. Syndrome 81 & Rixe are the more known, as they've both put out phenomenal records over the last year or so. But all four cuts are of the highest order! Just fantastic Oi/punk/Hardcore that channels the French greats of old ala R.A.S., Snix, & L'Infanterie Sauvage but also influenced by the old English guard ala Blitz, Cockney Rejects, & even some SLF. These cats are tearing it up & this sampler is a perfect intro into this new French Oi scene.

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  1. Syndrome et Rixe bring french oi! to another level.
    We are far from the chaos prod stuff here... More!