Thursday, March 24, 2016


WHITE MEDAL 'Heathen Ridings Return'

Anyone who has been following this blog over the years more than likely knows of my affinity for this Yorkshire one man Black Metal band, White Medal. I would even say theres maybe 5 BM bands I'll listen to these days, maybe 10. Im bored of it. No one brings anything new to the table, it seems. White Medal does.

Im not even sure what it is they do, its hard to put their sound into words. They def take the stomping Black Metal Punk blueprint but add so much more. Very Eldritch in sound and aura. Dickensian. Very , very English. In fact he sings in Northumbrian, in a Yorkshire Dialect and the lyrics are mostly about Yorkshire & Northern England. The white roses on his covers are the white roses of Yorkshire.

This guy, George Proctor, is also a very busy fella. He does White Medal. He does the great Legions Blotan label. He is in about 20 other bands, seriously, from heavy metal to power electronics to viking metal to whatever, i dunno, this guy has his hand in many different pots. You might know him from SUMP, Mutant Ape, AuldFeud, Arch Toll, 12 Year Old Proud Parent, Vanya, Unkerd Wood, Karst, and, again, many more.

The music of Heathen Ridings Return is a slight departure from his other work, as its more, i dunno, epic i suppose, but White Medal epic, not Viking Metal epic. Its amazing as all his stuff is.