Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sixth Hour

KUUDES TUNTI "Kuinka Tänään Voit" LP

Kuudes Tunti (sixth hour) was a Finnish post punk band that did this one amazing LP & called it a day. Musically, this is in the same vein as other mid-80's Post-Punk bands like Polands SIEKIERA & fellow Finns MUSTA PARAATI & PYHAT NUKET. All 4 are some of my all time faves. And theirs just something about singing despondent, ColdWar-era tunes in Finnish, its just perfect for Post Punk, as political Punk is perfectly articulated in Spanish (Catalan!!).
Members were in LAMA, MUSTA PARAATI, NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA (000), & a few more I'm not familiar with.

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