Thursday, May 11, 2017



Excrement Of War, E.O.W. , were an English Punk band that ran their course from, roughly, 1990 until 1995. They went through a few line up changes and put out a split 7" (w/ Dischange) & a 7" with the first line up and put out 2 split 7"s (with Beyond Description & Deformed Conscience) and a full length 12" with their last known line up. I very much prefer the first line up (the 2nd was also good, i just prefer the first 2 7"s).
Anyway, to the task at hand, namely, this demo tape. Its their second demo tape (i also have the first, i just wanted to post this one first for some reason). Im not sure the year of this, but it has the 2nd line  up, so I'm going to guess the year as 1992 or 1993. Most of the songs were rerecorded for the Cathode Ray Coma LP. The production value is, again, right where we (me, you, and the rest of the maniacs who visit my blog) like it. RAW! It starts with one of my fave EOW songs, their namesake, Excrement Of War.
The family tree, the punk lineage, of this band is long, legendary and extensive. Members played (or play in) bands ranging from DOOM, Sore Throat, ENT, The Wankys, DIRT, the list goes on and on. Legend and Legion!


  1. shit howdy, nice upload! truely.
    we were having good conversations via messaging. mostly about noise and whats good, new and old. what happened? id like to start 'em up again-
    Adam Bruce

  2. Can we exchange links Man ?

  3. What's up? Can't wait for a new post with good music!
    Greetings from Germoney

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