Tuesday, January 2, 2018

BEST OF 2017


FRAGMENT- In The Dust LP (Fucking Manic!!)
ASPECTS OF WAR- A Look Into The Nightmare
LEBENDEN TOTEN- Mind Parasytes
DEVIL MASTER-Demo (2016? Who cares)
DEVIL MASTER- Inhabit The Corpse
URCHIN- Peace Sign e.p.
S-21- Operation Menu
MORTAL WAR-Gates of Hell
EEL-Night Parade of 100 Demons
POLLEN- Fear of another War


SHEER MAG-Need to Feel Your Love
LOCKHOWL- Pareiodolia
SOFT KILL- Frankie/The Figurehead
GRIM-Discharge Mountain
FEARING- Black Sand
DRAB MAJESTY-The Demonstration
NIGHT SINS-Dancing Chrome
MOTH-Mourning Dew
DEATH IN ROME- (The Mighty DEATH IN ROME) every song they've done this year!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017



Excrement Of War, E.O.W. , were an English Punk band that ran their course from, roughly, 1990 until 1995. They went through a few line up changes and put out a split 7" (w/ Dischange) & a 7" with the first line up and put out 2 split 7"s (with Beyond Description & Deformed Conscience) and a full length 12" with their last known line up. I very much prefer the first line up (the 2nd was also good, i just prefer the first 2 7"s).
Anyway, to the task at hand, namely, this demo tape. Its their second demo tape (i also have the first, i just wanted to post this one first for some reason). Im not sure the year of this, but it has the 2nd line  up, so I'm going to guess the year as 1992 or 1993. Most of the songs were rerecorded for the Cathode Ray Coma LP. The production value is, again, right where we (me, you, and the rest of the maniacs who visit my blog) like it. RAW! It starts with one of my fave EOW songs, their namesake, Excrement Of War.
The family tree, the punk lineage, of this band is long, legendary and extensive. Members played (or play in) bands ranging from DOOM, Sore Throat, ENT, The Wankys, DIRT, the list goes on and on. Legend and Legion!

Monday, May 8, 2017


BOTOX 'Demo'

Australian Post-Punk/Synth Punkers BOTOX with their 2014 6song demo tape.  I love this tape. I feel if some of the songs got a little more attention and a little more love (and better production {tell no one i said that!!}) , i think they could be radio hits, they could even be long lost demo songs from bands like (a Punker) Pet Shop Boys or (a Hardcore version of) Erasure. But don't let that throw you off, this is a great, gritty demo of good songs. Unfortunately, they haven't done anything since.

Monday, May 1, 2017


EXITHIPPIES/EXTINTOS 'Underground Derby Vol 2" Split Cassette

2006 split cassette with one song from Exithippies and one song from Extintos on the great Bastard Rock records. This is the second installment of the Underground derby series, the first also feared Exithippies & Le Fait Tuer (a band I believe part of the Japanese micro scene, something Bastard Rock records excelled in. Maybe Tom M. from Lexington can help here, Tom?). Anyway, back to the task at hand.
If you follow this blog, you should know Exithippies, a favorite around here. They have done this song before, as Exithippies are won't to do. The production value isn't great, but right where we like it, no?
Extintos are also a Japanese HC band who worship at the alter of 1980's Chilean Hardcore, especially Bastardos Sin Nombre, Crimen Impune, Herpes & more (notably bands from the two great 80's Colombia comps "Estamos En La Sima" & "La Ciudad Podrida Vol 1").
Again, each band does One song. More for the purists n collectors, but good all the same.

Also, the tape came in this canvas slip, so instead of scanning it, i just took pics off Discogs.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


PINK TURNS BLUE 'If Two Worlds Kiss'

Cologne, Germany's Pink Turns Blue. A criminally underrated band. These guys started a band to play New Wave, but ended up playing Dark Wave, and some say, were the originators. To me, this is just as much punk, post-punk, goth and new wave as it is dark wave. Influential. Creative. Harsh at times, soft and beautiful at others. This is a very good LP, and again, underrated. They also have a very extensive catalog. Roughly a dozen records and as many singles. I believe they are still playing.

Choice cuts: Walking On Both Sides (my fave), I Coldly Stare Out, When It Rains, If Two Worlds Kiss, & Missing You. The whole LP is amazing though.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017



Suffer Damage. Belgian's In It For Lifer's. Some of this lot have been playing in amazing Punk bands as far as back as 1988, shit maybe earlier. Anyway, this is Suffer Damage's 2013 demo. Nine songs of brain drill Noise Punk that pays homage to the originators, notably Disorder, Chaotic Discord, & the Kyushu Island maniacs of the 80's. They did an LP after this thats as good. Also, the production on this demo is pretty fucking tiptop.
Members have played in Private Jesus Detector, Hiatus (I think), Katastrophobia (with the fella from KTAOABC, so there is the punk lineage I mentioned), the little known (in the US) Chronic Disease, & more.
One of my favorite demos from 2013! Give it a go, you WILL NOT be disappointed, I promise!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Χαοτικό Τέλος

CHAOTIC END 'Behind Walls Of Silence' Demo Cassette

Absolutely essential Greek Crust from 1991. Inspirational, hypnotic, atmospheric, and pounding Crust Punk (how many times can you describe an album with all 4 of those adjectives?). Xaotiko Telos (Chaotic End) , & Forgotten Prophecy, for me, were the pinnacle of Greek Crust.  Chaotic End released a demo prior to this, an album in 1993 AND it looks like they just released their first LP in 24 years! Very excited to hear it! Classic & mandatory listening!

Post Script- After posting this, I went to youtube and heard the title track from their new LP. Holy Fuck!! It is AMAZING!!!! You'd be wise to do the same!

Monday, April 10, 2017


ZATSUON "Violent Noiz Life" E.P.

NYC's Zatsuon (meaning Noise in Japanese). Very, very good Crasher Crust. Worshiping at the alter of (Noise for Moblish-era) Gloom, by way of Disorder & Chaos UK.They did this one e.p. and a demo prior to this (that also kills!) and called it a wrap, a crying shame really, as they were one of the best NYC bands out.
Members have played or play in bands ranging from Nerveskade, Funeral Parade, Nomad, Perdition, Indignation, Cervix, Aspects of War and more!  And that right there, ladies and gents, are some of the best Punk bands of the last 10 years, so ya know this E.P. is going to be amazing!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


SUBVERSIVE RITE '4 Song Demo' Cassette

An ABSOLUTE Scorcher! Newish NYC band SUBVERSIVE RITE and their second demo. Four songs of Take-No-Prisoners, In Your Face, vicious and ferocious female fronted Hardcore Punk! I can't stop listening to this band. This shit just slays. And the lyrics are just as potent as the music (example below). Members have spent time in a slew of bands such as Vermin, Perdition, Nomad, Pox, Process, Ectoplasm & more. My fingers are crossed for more releases, a 12" perhaps!!!? Killer Punk, and a demo like this is why you came to this blog, so dig your teeth into this snarling little fucker! NOW!!

Big Brother;
Big brother! Big brother! Im not your sister!
I won't let you catch me, I won't let you see.
Even if i tried to run you'd still catch me.

Ch/Greedy Eyes. You filthy spies.
Big brother is watching from the skies.

No one seems to notice, no one seems to care.
Big brothers perverted sense, you know he's always there.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017



Top tier Hardcore from Osaka, Japan. Total Finn worship. They even sing in Finnish. Influenced by bands such as Kaaos, Tampere SS, Riistetyt & (early) Terveet Kadet. Manic, noisy Hardcore that saddles the fence of Crasher. The production value on here is EXACTLY where you (and I) want it. ...They did an e.p. after this that, if memory serves me, is the same songs, maybe minus or plus one more. They did yet another e.p. after the s/t that Ive never actually heard, as i heard it wasn't as good (but I should prolly find out myself). Anyway, this shit is of the highest order! Recommended!!

Some of the members spent time in (the equally great) DeathDust Extractor, Laukaus & Organism.

Monday, April 3, 2017


V/A "Desert Dances & Serpent Sermons" Cassette

Im not sure if this is a compilation, or a 4way split. Anyway, this is a Black Twilight release with songs from Volahn, Shataan, Arizmenda & Kallathon. As I've said repeatedly, I feel Black Metal has gone stale. How BM bands aren't doing anything fresh or new, and I feel i could've even said that about Black Twilight bands 8/9 years ago (though they were good, they just didn't necessarily bring anything new to the table). That isn't the case now, these bands have really come into their own, embraced their Mexican/Aztec heritage and have done something truly unique. The Volahn track might be the one I feel has changed the most, as their are indigenous folk instruments being utilized and ya even get an Ennio Morricone sound at times, and the same can be said about all the bands, notably Shataan (with their use of the flute & who might be my favorite act in this incestuous scene) and Kallathon. Arizmenda might be the most orthodox, but then again, it really isn't. Each song is flush with energy and emotion and just a  tad bit of general uneasiness, which, of course, one wants in a Black Metal song, no? Im so glad these acts have found their footing, because what was once good BM bands is now amazing BM bands.This is well worth your time.

Sunday, April 2, 2017



Munich, Germany's Death In Rome. This is their first full length and it is my number one pick for 2016, my absolute favorite record of that year (just a tad bit above my fave Punk record of 2016, the S-21 demo). And its an album of cover songs!

Anyway, with a name like Death In Rome ya probably know what its gonna sound like and you would be correct. But its what songs they choose to cover that makes it special. Songs from bands ranging from Miley Cyrus to Motorhead to A-ha to Pat Benatar. The whole album is amazing, but my two favorite songs on here are their covers of Aqua & George Michael. They breathe new life into some pretty stale songs and some of them just come out haunting.

Ive been talking with Jaromir through email and they're in the studio now recording an album from start to finish of a late 80's classic goth record, i don't wanna say which one as not to ruin their surprise, but lets just say I'm ecstatic about it! Im also trying to get them to play here, so ill keep ya posted on that.