Tuesday, April 4, 2017



Top tier Hardcore from Osaka, Japan. Total Finn worship. They even sing in Finnish. Influenced by bands such as Kaaos, Tampere SS, Riistetyt & (early) Terveet Kadet. Manic, noisy Hardcore that saddles the fence of Crasher. The production value on here is EXACTLY where you (and I) want it. ...They did an e.p. after this that, if memory serves me, is the same songs, maybe minus or plus one more. They did yet another e.p. after the s/t that Ive never actually heard, as i heard it wasn't as good (but I should prolly find out myself). Anyway, this shit is of the highest order! Recommended!!

Some of the members spent time in (the equally great) DeathDust Extractor, Laukaus & Organism.

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