Wednesday, April 5, 2017


SUBVERSIVE RITE '4 Song Demo' Cassette

An ABSOLUTE Scorcher! Newish NYC band SUBVERSIVE RITE and their second demo. Four songs of Take-No-Prisoners, In Your Face, vicious and ferocious female fronted Hardcore Punk! I can't stop listening to this band. This shit just slays. And the lyrics are just as potent as the music (example below). Members have spent time in a slew of bands such as Vermin, Perdition, Nomad, Pox, Process, Ectoplasm & more. My fingers are crossed for more releases, a 12" perhaps!!!? Killer Punk, and a demo like this is why you came to this blog, so dig your teeth into this snarling little fucker! NOW!!

Big Brother;
Big brother! Big brother! Im not your sister!
I won't let you catch me, I won't let you see.
Even if i tried to run you'd still catch me.

Ch/Greedy Eyes. You filthy spies.
Big brother is watching from the skies.

No one seems to notice, no one seems to care.
Big brothers perverted sense, you know he's always there.

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